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How to Support Your Loved One During Recovery

How to Support Your Loved One During Recovery

Do you have a family member at home who is recovering from illness? Whether they have undergone surgery or stayed in the hospital for days, they will need help and supervision. A person who is on the road to complete recovery has unique care needs that you or a home health aide can help them with.

So how do you let them know that you are supportive of their condition? That is what we will help you with. As a provider of home health care in National City, California, let us share with you some guidelines to be effective in caring for a family member. Your presence helps them recover at home.

Consider the following:

  • Offer Mobility Help

    When your loved one is recovering from their condition, they can still be weak in their body. Yet, this does not mean that they should stay sedentary. Not doing anything can even worsen their condition. For that, your loved one needs to move around little by little even if they feel weak. This is where your help will be very valuable.

    Always remember to offer your help. It’s alright if they decline because it can also support their sense of independence. Yet, offer your help to give them the freedom and confidence to choose.

  • Follow their Discharge Instructions

    As your loved one leaves the hospital, their physicians will give them discharge instructions. These instructions need diligent compliance. This ensures that their recovery happens at the expected timeline.

    Refer to the discharge note. Ensure that they have taken the correct medications, done the recommended exercise, and ate the prescribed meals. Praise them if they have complied. Remind them with words if they missed on some. If they also need some more help, health aides from a home health care agency in San Diego County, California can be there for them.

  • Encourage Them

    Depending on your loved one’s condition, their recovery may take time. Because of this, your loved one may face discouragement in the face of their recovery. They may feel depressed about the lack of progress of their condition.

    For that reason, ensure that someone is always available to attend to their care needs. The presence of another person can be a great encouragement to someone who is recovering from their condition. They can feel assured that help is always available. At the same time, spend time talking to them as well. Give your uplifting messages as often as possible. This way, they can feel inspired to follow through their treatment.

These are some of the ways we know that you can show support to your loved one who is already healing from their ailment. When you sense that they need assistance at home, our team at Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc. can step in for you. If you need to know more about our services, contact us to inquire.

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