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How Do You Keep Your Senior Loved One Hydrated?

How Do You Keep Your Senior Loved One Hydrated?

No matter the weather condition, being hydrated is very essential for seniors. When they are hydrated, they have enough water in their body to help them function properly. The opposite is dehydration which is something we should avoid. We need to ensure that our senior family member is always hydrated because they may not feel thirsty very often, which puts them at risk of dehydration.

As your trusted home health care agency in San Diego County, California, we can deploy a team of care providers who can help ensure the welfare and health of your senior loved one. Let us help you prevent this dehydration issue with these tips:

  • Serve Food with High Water Content
    Aside from drinking water, your senior loved one also needs to eat food with high water content. These can be succulent fruits and vegetables or soups and broths. When your family member is constantly served with these kinds of food, both in mealtimes and snacks, they can store enough fluids to protect them from dehydration.
  • Let Water Be Accessible
    When our aging loved one is alone at home, they will need to be able to drink on their own. You can make it possible by providing water containers very close to places where they frequently spend their time. Whether they are in their room, in the living room, or at the garden, ensure that these areas have accessible drinking water so they don’t need to exert so much effort with trips to the kitchen to get water.
  • Prepare Sumptuous Soup
    While soups can be a healthy alternative to keep a senior hydrated, they may not enjoy it if the food doesn’t taste good or if they have taste issues. If you need some assistance in preparing healthy and appealing food for your aging loved one, you can tap the help of our home health aides.
  • Remind Them
    Sometimes, seniors can also forget to drink. It’s simply a normal part of aging. To address this, ensure that someone can remind your loved one that it’s time for them to drink water. If you’re not staying with them, you can call them once in a while or request for a neighbor to check on them. Also, you can tap the assistance of professional providers of home health care in National City, California.

Does your loved one need additional help in staying hydrated? We can help you provide quality care for them at home. At Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc., you have a partner in maintaining the quality well-being of your aging loved one. If you need assistance in caring for them, don’t hesitate to set an appointment with us.

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