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Bathing Seniors with Dementia: Helpful Tips to Remember

Bathing Seniors with Dementia Helpful Tips to Remember

In caring for a loved one with dementia, sensitivity and gentleness are valuable attitudes to display. Regardless of the severity of your loved one’s mental condition, the quality of your treatment towards them can translate to their overall well-being. Their hygiene is one obvious proof of whether they have been treated gently and sensitively. When they’re not dressed well or smelled unpleasant, it can have a negative impact on their health and wellness.

When you’re assisting a family loved in taking a bath, they can be agitated with the process, temperature, and other factors. As your premier provider of home health care in National City, California, we would like to impart these helpful tips so that your bathing time will be safe, smooth, and convenient.

  • Let them know it’s time

    Don’t put your loved one at a surprise. When it’s time to bathe them even before half an hour before that, inform them that it’s your bathing time. Speak in a gentle tone to help them prepare and so you can also prepare yourself for any reaction they might have about it.

  • Display cheerfulness

    It’s very helpful to talk with dementia patients using a cheerful tone. When you’re bright and cheery, you can also influence them to that kind of attitude. This makes the bathing time easier and less of a hassle for both of you.

  • Prepare everything

    Ensure that all the bathing needs are ready: towel, new clothes, body wash, shampoo, and others. You would want to see to it that once you’re in the bathroom, you will not leave them out of your sight even for a few seconds just because you’ve forgotten the soap. This few missed moments alone can bring about trips or falls in the bathroom.

  • Use their doctor’s words

    During the times when your loved one with dementia doesn’t want to take a bath, tell them that their doctor requires it. You can also show a written instruction from their doctor about their bathing schedule. This will protect you from being seen as their opponent.

  • Get experienced assistance

    You can also get assistance from experienced home health aides. These licensed personnel know the disciplines and techniques in ensuring a smooth bath. You can request for them, especially when you’re taking a break or need to meet an urgent appointment for the day.

Bathing doesn’t have to be done every day. For seniors with dementia, you can do this every other day to prevent skin dryness due to much water and temperature exposure. As a home health care agency in San Diego County, California, our team of care providers knows the right timing and methods in assisting your family member with dementia. To help you provide a better experience in caring for a loved one at home, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us at Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc.

Do you have other bathing tips you can share with others? Leave them in the comments section below. Share your experience to be an encouragement for other family caregivers.

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