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Why Seniors Need to Pay Attention to Their Oral Health

5 Clear-Cut Reasons Why Seniors Need to Care for Their Oral Health

Every aspect of your senior’s health is essential. You can’t overlook a small issue as this can quickly complicate. Seniors have a delicate immune system which makes it harder for them to cope with any infection that fast. For this reason, even their oral health has to be monitored as regularly as possible. When you’re not personally available to attend to the daily needs of your beloved family member at home, you can tap the experienced assistance of home health aides from a home health care agency in San Diego County, California. They are the extra hands that you need when yours are full of other responsibilities.

To emphasize how crucial caring for the oral health of your senior loved one is, let us share with you these reasons:

  1. Overcomes bad breath

    Seniors tend to have dry mouth as an age-related issue. This can aggravate bad breath as it invites more bacteria. When they have bad breath, they may not have good social interaction with their friends and can result in loneliness and isolation issues.

  2. Lack of nutrition

    When your senior loved one has dental problems, this may be a sign of other issues or a problem in itself. They may lack the sufficient nutrients in the body or they may lose their appetite as a result. You wouldn’t want to add up malnutrition in the list of concerns for your beloved aging parent.

  3. Plaques can build up

    The food we eat leaves residue on the surface of our teeth especially at the base. When these are not removed by regular brushing and flossing, they will accumulate and turn into plaques. These plaques can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can eat up on the gums resulting in injuries and bleeding.

  4. Gum injuries are unsafe for diabetics

    Does your senior loved one have diabetes? Wounds are not friends with seniors who are diabetics. This illness makes wounds difficult to heal. You can prevent this from happening by ensuring that their gums and oral health are well-taken care of.

  5. Can trigger oral cancer

    Oral issues can be an entry point for more complicated conditions such as oral cancer. This could start off as small injuries in the gums or tongue that have been overlooked as a minor wound. When they’re regularly seeing their dentists, these occurrences can be spotted and evaluated early on.

The basic requirements for oral care include brushing the teeth at least twice a day, maintaining proper cleanliness of the dentures, staying hydrated, and meeting with the dentist on schedule. These are activities and appointments that we can assist you with as your provider of home health care in National City, California. We can give you assistance in going to clinical visits or other chores at home as you focus on attending to your loved one. Feel free to contact us at Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc.

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