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Treatment and Prevention of Elderly Bruising

Treatment and Prevention of Elderly Bruising

Our body undergoes a series of changes as we age. Our skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes and wounds heal slower. Blood vessels also become more fragile, which makes it more common for the elderly to experience bruises. Certain conditions, diseases, or medications also contribute to elderly bruising.


It may be difficult to prevent elderly bruising, but our home health care agency in San Diego County, California suggests taking the following precautions:

  • Discuss the use of a cane or walker with a doctor if your loved one finds walking, standing, and moving difficult.
  • Assist your loved ones with sitting and standing if they are likely to fall.
  • Remove furniture or other obstacles that may cause bumps or falls.
  • Be alert for potential signs of elder abuse.
  • Install handrails for additional support.

A home health aide may assist you in accomplishing each activity and in providing support to your loved one.


Elderly bruising may take several weeks or even months to fade. To speed up the healing process, apply a frozen compress (for twenty minutes at a time) and raise the bruised area to a level higher than the heart in the first twenty-four hours to reduce the swelling and inflammation. This will minimize the size of the bruise by slowing the amount of blood that flows into the tissues.

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