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Home Health Care: Know Your Rights

Home Health Care: Know Your Rights

Are you planning to receive assistance from home healthcare providers? Are you thinking of getting someone to assist your senior loved one at home as you go to work or do an errand? You might need care agencies that provide home care or home health care in National City, California. Their main difference is that the person receiving help also needs medical attention or is going through medical challenges that need help every day.

If getting home health care services is within your plan, know that you, or your loved one, have rights as a patient. The has enumerated the following rights that every patient must keep in heart:

  • The Right to Choose a Home Health Agency
    If you’re looking for a home health care agency in San Diego County, California, know that this is within your rights to do so. You can decide on the agency that you think has your best interests in mind. You’re given the free rein on deciding for the best care agency that you find suits your preferences. The agencies or their representatives cannot force you to be under their care when you don’t want to. Having this kind of decision is very vital for the patient’s recovery as they will want to be with people to whom they can be with.
  • The Right to Be Treated with Respect
    Most individuals who receive home health care are seniors. These are the generation who face mobility issues, health struggles, and disabilities. However, regardless of their condition, financial status, or ethnicity, they have to be respected when given care. Their dignity should be preserved, privacy honored, and preference of care adhered. It’s also essential that they should be talked with gently and professionally to properly administer the care.
  • The Right to Participate in Your Care Plan
    Individuals receiving home health care also need to know the flow and progress of their care plan. They need to be consulted about options and they need to be able to confirm whether they want to pursue such an option or not. When the person is unable to decide on their own for whatever reason, their legal representative will participate on their behalf.
  • The Right to be Represented by a Guardian or Family
    As previously mentioned, in the instances that the patient receiving home health care is no longer able to decide for themselves or respond on their own, their family members or legal guardian will have to do it for them. This is the reason why the patient and their family should already have a prior discussion on how to handle these instances in case these will occur.

At Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc., we greatly value your quality care and well-being under our care. For this, we assign only the highly qualified home health aides and professionals to assist your loved one. We recognize your rights and we advocate for their implementation even in our own services.

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