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Elderly Proofing: Keeping Your Home Safe for the Elderly

Elderly Proofing: Keeping Your Home Safe for the Elderly

As individuals age, they become more vulnerable to various home conditions. If you’re living with an older adult or if you are an older adult, it is best to take measures to make your home elderly-friendly.

In our experience as a home health agency, we believe that one of the biggest threats a house may create for a senior is not being “fall-proof.” For the young, falling may not seem like a big deal. It can cause a few scratches and bumps but nothing serious. However, a fall can be a cause of major injury and even be fatal for seniors. With that, here are our recommendations in making a safer home environment:

  • Put away some pieces of furniture.
    Furniture that doesn’t reach waist height is hard to notice. This makes it more likely to cause accidents. It would be best to keep furniture that would be easier to notice. At the same time, stay away from pieces of furniture that may obstruct walk areas. A home health aide can help you move furniture as one of their housekeeping tasks.
  • Make sure that surfaces are not slippery.
    As a home health care in National City, California, we’ve encountered bathrooms that are risky for our senior clients. Our advice? Go non-slip. Considering mats and handrails often get wet in the shower, these pose a huge risk for elderly individuals. As soon as possible, test all objects in the bathroom. Remember: if it slides then it goes.
  • Add handrails.
    We know handrails may not be the most visually appealing thing to have in your home. But the safety it adds is worth it. Handrails serve great value in the sense that it can prevent a fall and save a person who is falling. Ultimately, having something to help the elderly balance themselves greatly mitigates the risk of falling.

We want to keep the elderly free from harm. If ever you need someone to ensure your loved ones stay safe, we at Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc. would love to provide them our services.

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