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Treatment and Prevention of Elderly Bruising

Our body undergoes a series of changes as we age. Our skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes and wounds heal slower. Blood vessels also become more fragile, which makes it more common for the elderly to experience bruises. Certain conditions, diseases, or medications also contribute to elderly bruising. PREVENTION It may be difficult to prevent … Continue reading

The Benefits of Getting a Pet for Your Loved One

No matter how old you are, getting companionship in the form of a pet is always beneficial. Having pets allow us to express our love to another living being and be reciprocated in turn. A pet will always be there to provide you with comfort and affection. But, what exactly are the benefits of having … Continue reading

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Why Home Health Aides Are Important

The number of older adults who want to stay and age in their homes are increasing. They want to enjoy their freedom and comfort in the place most familiar to them. This can be made possible by Home health aides. They are the reasons why older adults no longer have to resort to staying at … Continue reading

Exciting Hobbies for the Elderly

Do you remember a time when you were forty-five, feeling washed up and tired of going to the same workplace for twenty years thinking, “just a few more years and I’ll have the time to live my life and enjoy the things I wish to do.” Are you sitting on your couch right now doing … Continue reading

Elderly Proofing: Keeping Your Home Safe for the Elderly

As individuals age, they become more vulnerable to various home conditions. If you’re living with an older adult or if you are an older adult, it is best to take measures to make your home elderly-friendly. In our experience as a home health agency, we believe that one of the biggest threats a house may … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Cheer up Your Senior Loved One?

The senior years sandwich adventure and obstacles. On one hand, there is the freedom of the retirement years. On the other, there are the challenges of health problems, financial difficulties, and even the loss of friends and spouses. No wonder that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 80% of American seniors … Continue reading

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