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Stool Colors: What Do They Mean?

Passing stool is a normal function of the body, and no one is exempt from it. This mechanism is the body’s way of removing waste from the food that it consumes. Yes, even from healthy foods that a family member or home health aide prepares. Stools are generally colored brown or golden brown. Certain factors, … Continue reading

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Oral Care Tips for Seniors

Oral health is one of the factors affecting older adult’s quality of life, overall health, and well-being. It can affect their ability to eat any type of food that can cause poor dietary intake and malnutrition. Most older adults experience issues related to oral health, possibly because of the lack of self-care. So, it is … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Malnutrition in Seniors

Malnutrition is when your body doesn’t get sufficient nutrients from the foods you eat, and older citizens are particularly vulnerable to being malnourished. Many factors can cause malnutrition, and it is essential to determine those to address this because it can lead to several health problems, including depression, unintentional weight loss, muscle weakness, and weak … Continue reading

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Mind Exercises for the Elderly

Any home health care in National City, California, understands that some illnesses profoundly alter the life of a person. The most obvious suspects are stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and the mental disorders that come with aging. Memory loss, for instance, can be emotionally damaging to the family. That is why enhancing the mental aspect of a … Continue reading

Cherish Your Heart with Healthy Meals Everyday

Besides cherishing our hearts with sweet gestures, delicious treats, and lovely dates, let us also cherish our heart health. One of the best ways to maintain heart health is to maintain a healthy regimen, including a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and medication adherence. There are many ways to boost your heart health, but let us … Continue reading

Treatment and Prevention of Elderly Bruising

Our body undergoes a series of changes as we age. Our skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes and wounds heal slower. Blood vessels also become more fragile, which makes it more common for the elderly to experience bruises. Certain conditions, diseases, or medications also contribute to elderly bruising. PREVENTION It may be difficult to prevent … Continue reading